Implementation and Training

Right from the start, we ensure that you always get the most out of our solutions!
Our Implementation Methodology

With our dedicated implementation and training sessions, we make sure that you’re up and running in the quickest and most efficient manner.

The implementation of SevenHills e-Health’s iHMIS significantly alters the very complex, highly dynamic and interactive healthcare environment.

Our implementation process enables easy import of your patient records. What goes without saying is that all your records match correctly and you lose out on absolutely no data. What’s more is that the automatic importing saves you a lot of time and effort spent on manual data updating.

Our implementation process also ensures that your current processes remain unaffected i.e. you can continue your daily activities as routine, while we make sure that our software is implemented without causing hindrances in your activities.


•   Complete training will be provided to the institutions’ personnel and will vary by user groups

•   Training will also be imparted for carrying out operations based on the user roles. In addition to the role-based training, functional area heads/power users/supervisors will be provided with an overview of the related modules and their functionalities.

•   The senior management staff and the doctors, too, will be provided with orientation training.

•   Training for system administration for the proposed solution will be provided for at least 2 people.

•   Also, separate IT training sessions will be conducted for the IT team, which will make them familiar with the system architecture, so that they can be the point of contact for the post go-live phase. If desired, some basic level of system administration can also be performed by the IT team to expose them to the current technology, and latest tools.

•   The final training schedule for each of the end users will be arrived at during the project plan finalization after the system study; and any special requests will be discussed and entertained thereafter.