About Us

Simplifying Complexity
With over 30 years of excellence in healthcare, we - at SevenHills e-Health - understand that healthcare needs vary from one institution to another. They are unique, just like our fingerprints. This is why we teamed up with technologists and domain experts to develop a software that revamps the traditional processes and offers excellence in patient care and management.
Using innovative technology and dedicated services, we have developed the SevenHills e-Health Suite: a world class hospital information system; a J2EE based standard driven architecture that is a seamlessly integrated, one stop solution for the healthcare industry. This paperless solution promises to meet meaningful standards with optimized resources, thereby reducing errors, improving efficiency, and enabling seamless communication across the healthcare community.
Our solutions are directed at improving outcomes and nurturing healthier communities at lower costs, thereby ensuring that ours is the undefeated and most efficient Hospital Management System you’ll ever come across!
Salient Features of SevenHills e-Health’s iHMIS

Multi-tier deployment architecture
Compatible on all iOS and Android devices
Independent of Platform, OS, Database and client
Secured access to information
User friendly graphical user interface
e-Prescribing with drug and allergy alerts
Anytime, anywhere access to patient records
Improved administration and control
Simplified billing and discharge process
Creates a data pool for research and analysis
Better fault tolerance ability
Tailor-made templates available