Frequently Asked Questions

SevenHills e-Health Suite is the right solution for you if you are not using the most advanced hospital management system or web based hospital management system. This ultra-modern hospital management system uses license free software, brings down the total cost of ownership of the product, and improves the overall productivity of the organization by bringing in quality practices.
• Online availability of information
• Improved administration and control
• User-friendly graphical user interface
• Automated information and flow across departments avoiding duplication
• Simplified billing and discharge process
• Optimized resource allocation
• Minimal training to staff in system usage
• Improved patient care while deploying evidence-based medicine practices
• Customizable and scalable electronic medical records that can grow with your practice
• Creates a wide data pool that can be mined for research and analysis
You can view a demo by scheduling an appointment with us. You can schedule an appointment by sending your request to us on
Due to varying needs of healthcare providers and high levels of customization, we are not able to list the actual cost of SevenHills e-Health Suite. But you can contact us to discuss your requirements and to get a detailed quotation for the same.
Yes, SevenHills e-Health provides training to all users as per the defined user role such as: doctors, nurses, executives, lab technicians, billing and finance, HR, etc. Apart from practical in-person training, SevenHills e-Health also offers help manuals and video tutorials for better understanding and improved efficiency.
SevenHills e-Health has a dedicated team of support executives who can be reached through telephone, remote connection, Skype or online chat. All the complaints raised within SevenHills e-Health Suite are reviewed and escalated to the support team who will work for you to solve the issue at the earliest.
No, there isn’t any such requirement for using SevenHills e-Health Suite. As the application is developed in a user-friendly structure, even a novice user can easily operate the system.
Prior to the installation of SevenHills e-Health Suite, you need to make sure that the server, computers, networking, and internet connection are available and operational. The highly experienced hospital infrastructure development team at SevenHills e-Health is available to help you in analyzing your current setup and suggesting new equipment’s installation in a cost effective manner.
The SevenHills e-Health Suite provides benefits to the administrator, who will be able to manage all users, define their roles and assign required access to the system. It will also provide access to all data and reports such as login log files, MIS reports, and so on.
Yes, SevenHills e-Health Suite can easily integrate any accounting software such as Tally, Oracle, SAP, etc.
Yes, SevenHills e-Health Suite can integrate any PACS system to provide easy interface using HL7 standards. For example, tests prescribed on iHMIS will be passed on to RIS, Radiology reports can be imported into iHMIS, etc.
Yes, SevenHills e-Health Suite provides interface between our system and any lab equipments in the diagnostics centers of the hospitals.
SevenHills e-Health Suite keeps regular backup of your database which ensures 100% safety and continuity of your business. Data backup and data recovery, both, are accurate and efficient.

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