What You Need Is What You Get
SevenHills e-Health offers several solutions so you can achieve increased levels of efficiency and productivity in Healthcare and IT operations at lower costs and with higher patient outcomes.
Our solutions are powerful, flexible, and easy to use, and strive to deliver conceivable benefits for standalone hospitals, multi-location super-specialty hospitals, ambulatories, diagnostics and pharmacies.
SevenHills e-Health iHMIS
Delivering excellence in healthcare management

SevenHills e-Health Suite is a J2EE based standard driven architecture that lets you achieve the best patient care practices, meaningful use standards, strategic decision making, optimal resource utilization, and an increase in employee productivity. All of this, while conforming to present and emerging standards and regulations, and ensuring seamless integration with the various departments of the Institution.

Mobile App
For doctors, patients, and key decision makers

The smartly designed, extremely user-friendly, and highly efficient mobile application for doctors, patients, and the management lets these respective entities view vital information at anytime, from anywhere. This ensures that information is easily accessible and there is no glitch in the decision-making process.

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Smart Card ID
Personal & Clinical Information Stored and Maintained in a Card

SevenHills e-Health's Smart Card integration benefits hospital with improved patient identification, effective administration in hospitals, medical records management, raised quality of care & increased liability and security.

The e-Health Smart Card is issued to the patient at the time of registration / admission, it feeds the Personal + Clinical details (Blood Group, Allergies, Current Health Problems, Current Medications, Vision/Implants, etc.), Insurance Details, Emergency Contact Information with mobile numbers, etc.

Patient Portal
Enhancing patient care by involving patients in their own care

Our integrated patient care portal automates patient engagement and involves them in their own care and continuous wellness.

The Patient Portal grants rights to patients to log in to the system using their unique log in credentials in order to book appointments, view doctors’ schedules, and access and download their medical reports and documents, in just a few clicks, from the comfort of their home. This minimizes the need to be physically present in the healthcare institution in order to book an appointment with a doctor, or to view their own medical records.

Improving money management capabilities

SevenHills e-Health offers the one-of-its-kind ‘e-Wallet’ to promote efficient billing procedures when a patient is admitted and is being treated in the hospital. Payments for diagnostics, pharmacy, and other departments get directly deducted from the prepaid mobile wallet. This in turn minimizes the need to carry physical money and makes the billing processes quick and seamless.

Digital Signage
Imparting knowledge and simplifying queue management

SevenHills e-Health provides digital signage facility wherein patients are assisted with the required information by the desired doctor through large size LED/LCD display systems. The system enables the doctor to recall the patients’ history or call a nurse or any assistance.

The digital unit displays the name of the consulting doctor occupying the room, doctor’s profile and the current patient’s token no. It also encourages patient education by displaying the doctor’s cases and other vital health and hospital information like health tips, wellness packages, and so on.

Healthcare Kiosk
Smart. Powerful. Efficient.

SevenHills e-Health’s innovative and easy-to-use Healthcare Kiosk increases patient satisfaction by lowering waiting times and providing higher levels of convenience and privacy. Using the kiosk, patients can self-register themselves and can also book appointments, process bills, and collect reports etc. Institutions can achieve considerable operational benefits including improved accuracy in patient records and records management. Our healthcare kiosk also facilitates automated application processing, positive patient experience, reduced staffing costs, and better visitor management, amongst the rest.